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Tsalung self-healing practice

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6-week online course on

Tsalung self-healing practices

This special online course, especially designed for Tsalung and Tibetan Medicine students, will not focus on the treatment of patients. Under the guidance of Dr. Pasang Y. Arya, it will instead be a precious opportunity for these students to experiment and gain personal inner experiences, to reach a deeper understanding of the self, and to better assimilate some of the Tsalung self-healing practices in order to develop their healing abilities.

The course will thus focus on three important practical instructions:

  • Opening the healing gate: ‘accepting and forgiving’ practice.
  • Releasing tension and removing traumas by yogic methods.
  • Restoring Dhang, Lha and stabilizing the mind.

Practically, the course will start with a live session where Dr. Pasang will give an introduction to the course and the first instructions. Then, once a week for a period of 6 weeks Dr. Pasang will give step by step instructions and advice. Each practice is then trained for a week (a minimum of 30-40 minutes per day should be dedicated to practice). In the middle of the course, there will be an online meeting for questions and answers. On the last day, a live online session with Dr Pasang will conclude the course.

This course is restricted to TME’s Tsalung and Tibetan Medicine students and advanced students

Next course start : 2023