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 Adieu 2020 and Welcome Year 2021 !

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An unexpected Eastern tempest has driven Covid-19 throughout the world, destroying the flower of life of many beings, and stealing the happiness of millions of people. Whom to blame for this life-hunting infectious disease?

Scientists and doctors have been tirelessly working for almost a year now but are still confused about this new disease. Some people are losing hope in the promises of medical science and technology as they continue to suffer and as science fails this natural test.

Some say not science but nature is to be blamed. Others state that our destruction of the environment, of sky, earth, and ocean, and wars have taken its toll. We are responsible for this pandemic. Others again are skeptical towards vaccination, believing that life will never return to how it was before. People are demanding that we should learn our lesson, not make the same mistakes again. Whatever the response, Covid-19 has left a strong impact on our collective experience, creating deep wounds. It did not just attack the physical body, but also left its mark on a deeper level in our minds and lives.

Ancient medical traditions such as Tibetan medicine hold that unwholesome behaviors committed by human beings can disturb the invisible worldly protectors and energy system, causing a release of their poisonous breath like clouds in the sky. Combined with the world’s pollution, it turns into tiny beings (nyensin), which can be invisible or visible as microbes and viruses. With the help of wind, these roam around and infect humans through the body orifices. They are agents of vicious evil spirits, hunting for the life of beings. Such events, plagues and epidemics, have been recorded in Tibetan history since before the eight century.

Welcoming the New Year with Hope!

Still, by the law of nature, energies are moving and changing, bringing a new life energy cycle and health once again to all beings. We should cultivate a good heart and positive mind to regenerate good energy, joining our hands and fighting against the intruding virus also by means of the healing medicine of love and compassion. We already had a bitter experience, but the darkness of night is passing, bringing new hope thanks to the arrival of vaccines, inviting another morning of sunshine upon the Earth.

The flower of life will blossom once again as nature returns to its rhythm of the seasonal dance. A new breath of health will flow, bringing joy and happiness to humankind!

May Medicine Buddha bless the world and protect all beings.
Tatyatha om bekhanze bekhanze mahabekhanze razaya samungate soha!

Pasang Yonten Arya