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A new course has started

A new class of 3-year Tibetan medicine online course has started in January 2012, welcoming students from all over the world. We wish them all the very best in their studies !

And some news from the first class...
2010 was the start of the 3-year Tibetan Medicine online courses, and it is a great pleasure for us to see how the 1st class of this new project is a success. It is indeed a great experience to gather altogether for teachings from all corners of the world, crossing the different time zones from USA to Australia. Beside the material learning, students have succeeded throughout the year to join the online sessions, despite sometimes connexion difficulties due to traveling, joining us from internet coffees, hotels, or even from a car ! The 1st year exams were also a wonderful (even if stressful…) opportunity to meet through webcams, and to be convinced that despite the distance, students are indeed able to learn and integrate the course content. We wish them all a very good continuation in the 2nd year, and we indeed look forward to meeting soon most of them in real at the 2nd year workshop.

Here are some comments from this first online group.
The course content is authentic and combined with a lot of experiences from the work of Dr. Pasang. I appreciate very much that he comments on the four tantras from his own point of view. This combination of form and content is so valuable and priceless. (Germany)... /
The TM on-line course has proved excellent and will remain a great opportunity to study and learn at distance for people less fortunate to stay next to the teacher and master. (England)... /
Thank you very much for this course, which I am so very happy to take. I enjoyed the first year very much and feel so happy to have the opportunity to study online. The online format has been a major blessing for us. (USA)... /
I would like to give thanks to you for the teachings you give us in the online course. I was looking for studying TM for years and this was a great opportunity to me, because in South america it doesn't exist anything related with this subject. The 1st year course has fulfilled absolutely my expectations and it has been a fuel to learn more. (Argentina)... /
All my thanks and deep and kind respect for the great knowledge that Dr. Pasang patiently accepts to share with his students. (France).../
The course is fantastic. I am getting so much from it. (USA)

Beside the TM course, several advanced online seminars have taken place this year, focusing on the detailed pathologies. These seminars are addressed to advanced students of the TME and New Yuthok Institute (Milan-Italy) students. This program of advanced seminars and courses is going to be developed in the future.