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Autumn advice

Autumn is the season where food and body qualities become oily and sharp. Not only the external conditions, food and beverages promote bile, but also the body nature becomes of bile quality and gains a hot and sharp energy. Even if the external summer heat strength begins to reduce, sunrays concentrate more like a laser to the earth. Therefore the quality of the seasonal energy becomes similar to bile and fever.

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What is Tibetan Medicine ?

Tibetan Medicine is a very ancient medical system based on Buddhist philosophy and psychology. It explains that everything existing or non-existing in the world derives from the mind and the five elements. The mind is considered to be the base because all existences and moments depend on its movements; it is the creator of every external and internal phenomena.

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The Wind humor

The Wind humor is the breath, life force, and energy of the body/mind. It is pervasive and circulates inside and outside of the body. It manifests from the mind and the subtle wind energy and it is the source of respiration, movement, strength, and the power of the body/mind. It especially governs the main function of the mind and the wind systems.

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FAQ on Tibetan medicine

Does Tibetan Medicine cure all diseases? Theoretically, Medicine Buddha taught, according to Buddhist concept, everything about pathologies and their cures. However, everyone’s life is ruled by their own karma or destiny that eventually leads to death. Therefore there are some diseases that cannot be cured by medicine. In Tibetan Medicine, they are called karmic diseases. But medicine and therapies do restore the system and relieve pain and suffering throughout life.

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The Vajra Body

‘Vajra body‘ is a term used in Buddhist Tantra and Yoga. Through spiritual practice, the ordinary body may be transmuted into the state of a pure body, the vajra body, which is also called Dorje-lus, ‘indestructible body‘ because it will not die or decompose forever. This term is also used in the context of a sadhana practice as a relative vajra body.

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Interview on Tsalung healing

After many years of requests from his students, Dr Pasang Yonten Arya has finally accepted that there is a need to open the door to Tsalung healing practice. Dr Pasang Yonten Arya has now acceded to requests to open this healing therapy to a wider community of interested persons, by making teachings available in the form of a 3 year course.

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The value of retreats

A retreat is a period of time where we may “withdraw” from everyday life in order to better focus on a particular activity or objective. Spiritual retreats have been known for centuries, and remain an integral part of many religious traditions, where the time may be used in reflection, prayer and meditation in order to “re-connect”. For Buddhists, the importance of spiritual retreats cannot be overemphasized.

History of the Tibetan Medicine System – Part 4

The dark period of Tibetan History took place after the monarchy collapsed in 842, and lasted about four centuries. Then Sakyapas, Nyedongpas, Rinpungpas and Tsangtod Depas ruled Tibet. The Tibetan political, religious and secular life suffered considerably from neglect, and went down.

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History of the Tibetan Medicine System – Part 3

According to bShad mdzod yid bzhin nor bu, the Indian physician Bhardavaja and the Nepalese physician Balaha translated the Indian treaties on medicinal butter, medicinal chang, (medicinal wines), extracting the essence on the nectar of immortality, the tantra on Somaraja for curing leprosy and the hundred thousand verses on the science of healing.

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