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 Advanced pathologies




 Advanced course on Pathologies

This course is restricted to Advanced students of TME - Tibetan Medicine Education center and New Yuthok Institute, and TME's 3rd year students.


This course presents the theory, diagnostic and treatments options for some pathologies that are commonly seen in the West. It is then very useful for Tibetan Medicine practictionners.

It is presented in 3 modules:
1. Head, sense organs and skin disorders
2. Common complaints
3. Fever and infectious diseases

Detailed curriculum
Module 1: Head, sense organs and skin disorders
- Head complaints and headaches
- Eye disorders
- Ear disorders
- Nose disorders
- Mouth, tongue and teeth disorders
- Skin disorders

Module 2: Common complaints
- Diarrhea
- Constipation
- Hemorrhoids and fistula
- Intestinal and parasitic worms
- Cystitis
- Yama (sinusitis)
- Allergies and food intolerances
- Menstrual pain
- Varicose veins, eczema and swelling leg
- Burning feet
- Insomnia and sleeping disorders
- Anxiety and restlessness
- Depression
- Gout
- Rheumatism and arthritis
- Arthritis-psoriasis
- Neurological disorders

Module 3: Fever and infectious fever diseases
- General and unripen fever
- High fever
- Empty fever
- Hidden fever
- Chronic fever
- Turbid fever
- Infectious fever diseases
- General Balned rim tsad (bal nad rims tshad) disease
- Various Champas (cold and flu)
- Stomach and intestine flu


The Pathologies courses
Course for Advanced students of TME - Tibetan Medicine Education center and New Yuthok Institute, and TME's 3rd year students.

You can register anytime and follow either all or some of the modules according to your needs and preferences.
Once registered, you get an access for several months to the study material, videos, and live interactive sessions with Dr Pasang Arya on specialized questions-answers.

Course material
Textbooks and video lessons. You can study this material at your own pace.

Specialized online sessions :
Every two months, you can attend an online interactive meeting, gathering students currently following a course of the Kachupa deegree program, and ask your questions to Dr Pasang Y. Arya related to this program.
These sessions will take place on Saturdays, 7.30pm-8.30pm (swiss time)(time converter). Depending on the number of students participating in the session, the timing may be extended.
Next online sessions :
2020: September 12 / November 21
2021: January 16 / March 27 / June 5

Modules can be taken separately or one by one in your preferred order.
If they wish, students who have followed the three modules can take an exam to receive a certificate.
This course on Advanced pathologies is a part of the Katchupa degree certificate

Price (textbook, video lessons, Online Specialized session, exams) :
Registration by module
M1: Head, sense organs and skin disorders (6 months): CHF 400.- (swiss francs)(currency converter)
M2: Common complaints (6 months): CHF 600.- (swiss francs)(currency converter)
M3: Fever and infectious fever (4 months): CHF 300.- (swiss francs)(currency converter)

Full course registration (3 modules, 12 months) : CHF 1150.- (swiss francs)(currency converter)

Terms and conditions

To register, fill in the registration form and send it in.
You will then receive the bank information, or a Paypal link to pay via a Paypal account or by credit card. At the reception of the payment, we will send you a personal login and password to access the class material, and the online sessions.
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