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As it is the case with many disciplines, learning Tibetan Medicine in depth cannot be done through books only, but with the help of a qualified teacher. But the opportunities to study this field under the instructions of a teacher are very rare, especially in the West. It generally involves long travelling, great amount of time and economic resources that may be insurmountable obstacles for many people. To answer their requests, TME - Tibetan Medicine Education center has set up a new branch of development: the TME Online courses.

TME Online courses offer a rare opportunity to study Tibetan medicine and its related sciences in depth, in an online interactive class with a direct access to Dr Pasang Yonten Arya, a well-known and experienced doctor and teacher. Thanks to the help of new technology, students have the possibility to study mainly from their own environment, at a rhythm fitting the busiest of lives, sparing travelling time and expenses, but without loss of teaching quality.

Dr Pasang Yonten Arya

The first course proposed by TME Online Courses is a
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Advanced online courses and seminars
It is with the greatest pleasure that TME announces the launching of Advanced online courses and seminars for post-graduate students.
At the request of graduate students from the New Yuthok institute (Milan), TME is now also organizing advanced online seminars, focusing especially on detailed pathologies and case reports.
These advanced courses and seminars are restricted to Tibetan Medicine students who have graduated from the New Yuthok Institute or from TME.(more information)


Dear friends
TibetanMedicine-Edu’s aim is to transmit to the West the authentic “Sowa Rigpa”, the Tibetan art of healing. To fulfill this wish, we are very pleased today to welcome you all in this new online course program to share, through modern technological medium, this knowledge and experience of Tibetan medical science that has been kept restricted for centuries inside the Himalayan surrounded countries.

I was born in Tibet, and grew up in Nepal and India. My studies in Tibetan medicine started in 1973 at the Mentseekhang of H.H. the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India. After graduating, I worked as a traditional Tibetan doctor, pharmacologist and Tibetan medicine professor from 1983 to 1992, first at the Mentseekhang, and later in Ladakh, India.  
Since the beginning of my studies, I’ve had a strong wish to discover the ancient European culture and philosophy. Therefore I made deep researches on the subject of the “relationship between Tibetan medicine and Galenic doctrine of medicine” which is described in my first book “Bod kyi gso ba rigpa''i lo rgyus g,yu thog lama dranpa'i pho nya” (History of Tibetan medicine past and present). This research could be one of the first studies done by a Tibetan physician on this particular piece of history and life of the evergreen Physician Galen. This, along with other personal reasons, pushed me to undertake a journey to the west.
After having written and published three books in 1989, I started teaching Tibetan medicine in various European countries, especially in the Tibetan Medicine post-graduate programs for German medical doctors in Daegfa organization, and at the New Yuthok Institute for Tibetan Medicine, the center for study of Tibetan Medicine that I founded in Milano Italy. However I didn’t publish any more and remained silent. Years passed, dedicated to deeper study, and research in Tibetan medicine. This silent retreat lasted over twenty years, filled with study, research and practice in the various fields of physiology, Buddhist philosophy, mind and emotions, tantric subtle physiology, cause and condition of the diseases, or Tibetan medical diagnosis as well as the discovery of contemporary western medicine.
Such works along with the teachings practice, gave me the great pleasure to rediscover the worth of Tibetan medicine and offered me many opportunities to verify how valid and accurate this ancient system still is in this modern society.

By teaching and sharing such experiences with western scientific medical doctors and interested people, I saw their enthusiasm, expectations and understanding of the possible contribution of Tibetan medicine in contemporary society. The need and demand for learning Tibetan medicine continuously increased from all corners of the world. But long distances and lack of time were indeed obstacles to the transmission of such knowledge.

In 2004, after forty years of exile, I visited my fatherland, Tibet, and through this journey, my soul touched again the land where the body-mind that is mine in this life took birth. Reconnecting with the great culture and sciences of Tibetan people gave me a new strength to survive and deepen my work in this science for the benefit of people of the world.

Therefore I took the initiative of the TibetanMedicine-Edu free website project. But it is a very complicated work that depends on many know-hows. Compiling texts, making the technical arrangements and setting up the system has been a long and tiring work as it hasn’t been done on commercial background yet during spare time. But four years ago already, the project became real and accessible to all. Thanks to the website, we’ve had the possibility to share basic information on Tibetan Medicine with so many people, and have received so many words of encouragement. Yet for people who wanted to engage in deeper study, this was not sufficient to fulfill their interest, and for many of them, geographical, language, time or other practical barriers prevented them to accede to Tibetan Medicine courses.
Therefore, to answer their requests, we have set up this new Tibetan Medicine course program and opened this possibility to learn Tibetan medicine mainly from one’s own place, studying at one’s rhythm, with technological aid and yet personal guidance.

To transmit well the subtle principles of Tibetan medicine is a delicate and difficult task, especially when the cultural background is different. Detailed texts on which the teachings could be based were absolutely necessary. I’ve then written a three-book treatise, “The Essentials of Gyud-shi”, which expounds the traditional Gyud-shi - the Four medical Tantras that are the basis of Tibetan Medicine - but also explains and details them in length, and broaches as well the contemporary practice of TM. Since understanding through book reading is not enough, we have prepared a huge collection of teaching recordings that gathers hundreds of hours of commentaries on these texts.

Throughout the texts and commentaries, but also through a direct connection, I’ll try to share my personal long life experience in the various fields of Tibetan medicine and practice. I hope these video meetings will be for the students the opportunity for real sharing. This is called "mengag" (oral transmission teaching) in traditional Tibetan medical education system.  

This new Tibetan Medicine course is a pilot program and depending on the experience gained, demand and possibilities, it could become the first step for a teaching bank and the foundation for future basic as well as specialized courses and seminars on Tibetan Medicine and related sciences. In order to explore these new developments with a complete freedom, TibetanMedicine-Edu has decided so far to remain an independent organization and not to affiliate to any organization or University.

I wish and pray from the bottom of my heart that this online course will become successful and fulfill the wishes of the interested people.

Last but not least, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my friends whose contributions and help have made this project possible: Mrs. Corinne Colette and Mrs. Valerie Giese who have corrected and improved the basic English of the texts, and Mrs. Sylvie Beguin, who has worked on the textbooks, books and graphics, has created the websites and is taking responsibility for the technical works of these online teaching programs. Without their valuable time and contribution, such courses and seminars wouldn’t be seen through the modern computer screens.

Pasang Yonten Arya T. Sherpa
April 2010


Depending on the demand and the possibilities, basic as well as specialized courses and seminars on Tibetan Medicine and related sciences are going to be organized in the future. To be kept informed as soon as they are announced, please register to our newsletter.