Tibetan Medicine course "Basic level" only

(DIstant learning only)

The basic level is common to The Tibetan Medicine course options A and B, where it is a prerequisite to the 2nd year. However, for people who do not want to engage in long study, but who would  like to get a basic theoretical knowledge on Tibetan medicine, it is possible to register to the Basic Level only.

Course start: January 2015.

Basic Level syllabus


The Basic level course gathers different tools to help the student get knowledge at its best:

Distant learning
- Four times during this year, students will receive the theory, in the form of textbook (downloadable documents.)
- They will also receive commentaries and explanations on these texts (by post), in the form of audio recordings given by Dr Pasang Arya, and links to video teachings
- Students study this material at their pace within the year.
- Once a month (except in December, July and August), students will participate to an interactive online teaching session. During these sessions, Dr Pasang Arya will directly teach and answer their questions and, depending on the needs, complement the teachings.

About the study books

The reference study book for the Basic level is the first volume of  “The Essentials of Gyud-shi”, a three-book treatise written by Prof. Pasang Yonten Arya. This extensive work expounds and explains the traditional Gyud-shi (the Four medical Tantras), but also its contemporary practice and interpretation.

Student-teacher interaction
Beside the study material, Dr. Pasang Arya will answer questions during the regular direct online sessions and, depending on the requests, complement them and give further advice.



There is an exam at the end of the year (written exam, and oral exam through webcam) for those wanting to receive the certificate on theoretical knowledge (basic level).

At the end of the Basic level course, students who have successfully passed the exams will get a certification from TME. This certification attests the knowledge on theorical knowledge (basic level) on Traditional Tibetan Medicine and its contemporary practice and interpretation.


To register, fill in the registration form. The number of seats is limited, and the class is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Your registration becomes effective at the reception of the payment.

To register to the class:
1. Fill up the registration form.
2. Proceed to the payment of the tuition fees.

Your registration becomes effective only at the reception of your payment. The course is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.



Payment of the Basic level course must be made in full at the time of registration (bank transfer, Paypal account or credit card). TME will consider requests for more flexible arrangements, but reserves the right to decide on such requests on a case by case basis.

The tuition fees cover the written material (chapters of the first volume of  “The essentials of Gyud-shi”), the audio/video teachings, and the access to the online interactive sessions, as well as all registration and examination fees. The fees also include the CD forwarding charges.

If students prefer to receive the pdf documents in a printed form by post, they will have to pay an additional printing and forwarding charge (CHF 150.-).

Withdrawals from a course are accepted until 30 days before the course's start. The course fee will be reimbursed without any charge aside from an administrative fee of CHF 60.- (see more in Terms and conditions)


TM course Basic level
: CHF 1700.- (swiss francs)
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