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The Tibetan Medicine course

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to study traditional Tibetan Medicine under the tutelage of a prominent senior Tibetan doctor

This 3-year course program covers all the main aspects of Tibetan medicine theory, diagnosis and practice in its traditional form, as it also embraces its contemporary explanation, development and application.

Next start: September 28 2017


The course gathers different tools to help you get knowledge at its optimum state:

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Distant learning
From your home, you can study the theory of Tibetan Medicine on the basis of eleven textbooks (downloadable documents) from the treatise "The Essentials of Gyud-shi", written by Prof. Pasang Yonten Arya, that expounds, explains and comments the traditional Gyud-shi, the "Four medical Tantras".

You will also receive commentaries and explanations on these texts, in the form of audio recordings (about 250 hours) and video teachings given by Dr Pasang Arya.
You will be able to study this material at your own pace within the year.


Question & Answer online sessions
Once a month (except in December, July and August), you will participate in an interactive online teaching session. During these sessions, Dr Pasang Arya will directly teach and answer your questions and, depending on the needs, complement the teachings.

Class environment
You'll have access to a class environment, where you'll get support, contact with other students of your class, and will have the opportunity to train your understanding with interactive quizzes.



Practice training
During the 2nd and 3rd year (TM course A only), a 6-day practical workshop (5 days of training, 1 day examination) will take place in Europe (generally in Switzerland), where you will go from theory to practice under Dr Pasang Y. Arya's guidance. During the workshops, some other experts in Tibetan medicine may also intervene on specific subjects.
Please, be aware that the number of seats for this program is limited.

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Three-year distance learning course + two 6-day onsite practice workshops

This course is addressed to those of you who are health fields professionals in general as well as seriously motivated people intending to study Tibetan medicine in the complementary medicine field.
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Three-year distance learning course
This option applies to those of you who are interested in Tibetan medicine to improve your theoretical knowledge in the holistic concept of the body-mind, or for your own health benefit. The content of the course is basically the same as the TM course A, except for the fact that you won't participate in the on-site workshops in Europe.
detailed information, price and registration

Both options comprise three successive levels of one year each.

  • 1st year: Basics of Tibetan Medicine (syllabus)
  • 2nd year: Diagnosis and treatment (syllabus)
  • 3rd year: General and specific pathologies(syllabus)

TM Basic
One year distance learning course
The basic level is common to The Tibetan Medicine courses A and B, where it is a prerequisite to the 2nd year. However, if you do not want to engage in long studies, but wish to get a basic theoretical knowledge on Tibetan medicine, it is possible for you to register to the Basic Level only.

detailed information, price and registration

Course table


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Distant learning (TM course A, TM course B, TM basic)
Annual tuition fee: CHF 1700.- (swiss francs)
The tuition fees cover the course textbooks (downloadable pdf documents), audio and video teachings, the access to the class environment, the training quizzes, and 9 interactive Question and answer online sessions, as well as all registration and examination fees.

Workshops (TM course A): CHF 1000.- per workshop
This price doesn’t include travelling expenses, lodging and boarding.


An exam will take place at the end of each year:
1st year:
TM course A, B and basic: Written and oral exam (online).

2nd and 3rd year:
TM course A: Written and oral exam (online) and practical exam at the end of the on-site workshop.

TM course B: Written and oral exam (online).

Please know that it is compulsory to pass the exams in order to move on to the second and third year, and get a certification from TME.

At the end of the three-year course, if you have successfully passed all the exams, you will get a certification from TME (TM course A:Theory and practice level / TM course B: Theory level). This certification attests the three-year study of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and its contemporary practice and interpretation.

Since Tibetan Medicine, like many other complementary medicines, is still not officially recognized in many countries, remain aware that even if this certification attests your knowledge on Tibetan Medicine, it is not an authorization to practice per se, as legal recognition and licenses depend on the laws of each country.
Thus, if you are already a medical doctor or already have an official authorization to practice as naturopath practitioner in your country you can receive the TME certificate as an attestation  of your additional knowledge on Tibetan medicine and related techniques.
If you have not yet graduated in any medical complementary discipline, you will also receive the same certificate from TME, but in order to have a legal recognition in your country as a health practitioner, you may have, depending on your country laws, to obtain extra certificates.

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If you wish to register, please fill in the registration form. The number of seats is limited, and the class is filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Also, your registration becomes effective at the reception of the payment. TME - Tibetan Medicine Education center will consider requests for more flexible arrangements, but reserves the right to decide on such requests on a case by case basis.

To register to the class:
1. Fill up the registration form.
2. Proceed to the payment of the first year fee.

Payment of the year fee must be made in full at least one month before the course start (bank transfer, Paypal account or credit card). The course fees cover the written material (textbooks of  “The Essentials of Gyud-shi”), the audio and video teachings, and the access to the online interactive sessions, as well as all registration and examination fees.

Withdrawals from a course are accepted until 30 days before the course's start. The course fee will be reimbursed without any charge aside from an administrative fee of CHF 60.- (see more in Terms and conditions)

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